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Hail Damage Repair in Greenville, NC


AutoLogic, Inc works only with top quality body shops to offer Superior Hail Damage Repair. We are a Paintless Dent Repair Company with a National Hail Damage Response Team. Our Hail Response Team has some of the best PDR Techs in the Industry. We have Techs that are Vale Certified Master Craftsman, the Highest PDR Ceritification available. We take Pride in our work and we always offer excellent service to our customers. AutoLogic, Inc repairs come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 


Paintless Dent Repair has some limitations. Therefore, we work closely with quality body shops to offer Superior Hail Damage Repair. If a dent cannot be repaired due to access, our body shop partners will assist with Conventional Repairs that are needed.


We will always do what is best for the customer and the vehicle!


We are located at Hastings Ford Body Shop in Greenville, NC. Individuals can come by for a Free Estimate before their Insurance Provider inspects their vehicle. This enables Insurance Adjusters to be completely aware of all damage. We inspect the vehicles inside the body shop using specially designed PDR Lights. These PDR Lights will show every dent to the customer or Insurance Adjuster.


If estimates are written incorrectly by the Insurance Ajuster, we can handle any supplement needed. Once the vehcile is dropped off for repairs, we will kindly inform the Insurance Adjuster that they may need to come by and re-inspect the vehicle with us using PDR Lighting. We will gladly show the Insurance Adjuster everything they may have missed while inspecting the vehicle outdoors.


Hastings Ford Body Shop is a top quality body shop. Our location is convienent to everyone that  was unfortunate to encountered a major hail storm on 04/25/2014.


We work with all Insurance Companies. Customers are only responsible for their deductibles and that's it! 


The address to Hastings Ford Body Shop is: 3013 E 10th St. Greenville, NC 27858


or Call: 888-378-4598

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