Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless Dent Repair is also known as "PDR". Paintless Dent Repair means no repainting to the damaged area will be needed. Because the vehicle is repaired without painting, the value of the vehicle is restored to its previous value. AutoLogic, Inc keeps the original paint unharmed during the PDR process.  Vehicles have a higher resale value after PDR repairs than after  traditional repairs that require painting. Car Appraisers can easliy determine if a vehicle has been previously painted. Vehicles that have been painted poorly will be worth less than vehciles that have high quality painted repairs. However, vehicles repaired with the PDR process retain the highest resale value. Keep your vehicle original  and use PDR!


Because the PDR process involves no painting, its ECO-Friendly! The PDR process doesn't invovle body fillers, paints, or other chemicals that harm the Atmosphere. It also eliminates any waste disposal fees associated with traditional repair. Paintless Dent Repair service leaves a very small footprint on the environment! Do your part and choose Paintless Dent Repair, First!



What is PDR

PDR stands for Paintless Dent Repair. It means we can repair your vehicle without repainting the damaged area of the vehcile.

How much does PDR cost?

Each Dent can vary tramendously. Most individuals can't see a Dent the same way an experienced PDR Tech can. A small Dent can cost more than a large dent if the access is harder to achieve. There are many factors that a good PDR Tech will consider. Factors included in the price are Location of the Dent, Access to the Dent from behind, R&I for the Access, Width of the dent, Depth of the Dent, Thicknesss of the Metal, Quality of the paint in the affected area, and positioning of the Light or reflector boards used. These are all factors that an Experienced PDR Tech can analyze during an estimate. Some inexperienced PDR Techs will fail to consider all factors and under price a repair. This could potentially cost the customer more money if an inexperienced PDR Tech cannot repair the dent correctly. A bad PDR repair can cost the customer up to ten times as much as much as a quality PDR company repair. There's an old saying, "you get what you pay for".

How Does PDR work?

PDR or Paintless Dent Repair takes a highly skilled Tech with years of experience and knowledge to achieve the maximum quality repair without damaging the paint. PDR Techs use speacially designed tools to access the dent from behind and gently work the damaged area back to its original shape. Specially designed Lights and reflector boards are needed to aid the PDR Techs during the repair process.

Can I push the dent out myself?

We STRONGLY recommend against it! Metal can be over stretched. Once the metal becomes over stretched we will recommend a body shop repair. Repairs can more than double with one wrong push behind the dent. This will always void any PDR warranty and possibly your factory manufacturer's warranty.

Is PDR cheaper than a body shop?

Generally, YES! PDR costs average far less than traditional body shop repair.

Should I use the cheapest PDR Company?

Not all PDR Companies are the same. There are many reasons a PDR Company is less expensive than another PDR Company. Experience will allways consider unforeseen issues, and inexperience will not consider unforeseen issues. Price will vary based on experience. An inexperienced PDR Tech will nearly always be less expensive. New PDR Companies have to be cheaper to win customers over with price. New PDR Companies could be "practicing" on your vehicle. Be certain that the PDR company you choose has a solid history.

Does PDR come with a Warranty?

AutoLogic, Inc has a guarantee on all PDR repairs, unless the repair has been manipulated by the customer or another PDR Company before AutoLogic has had the opportunity to repair the dent correctly. Most reputable PDR Companies will do the same.

Will my Dent Come Back After PDR?

No. Once the dent is repaired correctly, the dent will not return. PDR repairs will come with a Guarantee.

Can PDR Crack My Paint?

An Inexperienced PDR Tech can cause more damage such as cracking the paint of a vehicle. That's why its so important to use a qualified and expereinced PDR Compnay. AutoLogic, Inc has experienced Techs with many years experience each. Our Techs can repair extremely large dents without compromising the paint integrity.

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