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Hail Damage Repair Services


If you have Hail Damage, AutoLogic Inc has you covered! We service Individuals, Car Dealers, Body Shops, and Insurance Companies.


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Mechanic Handing Keys
Individual Customers
Car Dealers

AutoLogic, Inc welcomes individuals to call for assistance with their door ding or large dent repair. Although, we usually help Car Dealers, Body Shops and Insurance Companies, we also provide services for iIndividuals with a single dent. Sometimes we will request individuals to meet us at a mutual location if any of our other locations are not easily accessable. We will sometimes meet an individual at their home or work for more convience. Call, Text, or Email for details.

Car Dealers are always looking for a cheap and reliable vendor to handle all of their needs. With AutoLogic, Inc we will provide the best quality job at a fair price. Just like quality cars, quality PDR will cost extra. We have wholesale pricing for dealers that provide enough work with exclusive rights to all PDR work available. We treat our car dealers the way that we want to be treated. AutoLogic, Inc has a network of PDR Techs. We know that Car Dealers have emergency situations that come up sometimes. We are prepared to handle last minute job situations for our loyal customers and Car Dealers!

Automobile Painting
Body Shops

We are a Paintless Dent Repair Company. We have limitations that we can not exceed. There is situations where PDR is not an option. When Paint work is needed we will always refer our customers to one of our loyal body shops that is convenient to the customer. Insurance companies like to save money and will sometimes refer customers to us before the body shop. We are generally less expensive than most body shops with our repairs. Because of our lower costs and ability to repair dents quickly, body shops will sometimes call for us to repair small dents on large collision jobs. Our ability to repair a panel with out painting enables body shops to avoid blending  into other panels, saving time and money.

Shaking Hands
Become an Authorized PDR Location

AutoLogic, Inc offers Body Shops, Car dealers, and Insurance Providers to become an "Authorized PDR Location". This is a great way to offer additional services to your customers without any additional overhead expenses. It brings in new customers once they find out PDR is offered.  Once an agreement has been made, an Authorized PDR Location will be given a PDR price sheet to provide an initial estimate to their customers. We will supply the PDR Location with a welcome pack that will explain every detail. Literature will be provided for customers that explains the benefits of PDR. We will direct any of our customers in the area to the new Authorized PDR Location for any initial estimate. This will bring more potential customers to your door. Our scheduling for PDR repairs is simple, we  revolve around your scheduled appointments with your customers. Because we can perform most repairs anywhere, we need very little space to work. Customers will appreciate the convenience of dealing with one company for multiple repairs.


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