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PDR Training School


AutoLogic, Inc has one of the most thorough schools for PDR available. We are not like other schools. We encourage our students not to buy any tools until we have a chance to consult each student on their future goals in the PDR Industry. There are different types of PDR Techs. Some PDR Techs focus more on Dealership work that includes more door dings and side panels. Some PDR Techs focus more on the Hail side of the PDR Industry, which includes more top panels. Of course, its always good to understand everything in the PDR Industry, but not everyone wants to purchase every tool needed for every job.  There are many different types of PDR Lights and styles. Each one has pros and cons for different type of Techs. Some PDR Students will work at car dealerships and will need smaller more compact lighting and reflector boards for faster repairs. Some PDR Students will work Hail Damage and need much larger lighting that allows more of the panels to be viewed at one time.  At AutoLogic, Inc PDR Training School we will help each student purchase only what they will need in the beginning of their journey in the PDR Industry. Why spend more money than you have to?


The PDR class is taught by Mike Broughton. He holds the highest Certification in the PDR Industry from Vale Institute. Mike Broughton has won multiple awards at an International PDR Competition. Classes have a maximum of two students per class giving each student more one on one time with the instructor. The only exception to this rule is, when all students work for the same company or know each other. These classes will not be scheduled with any individual bookings.  Because Mike Broughton is employeed full time in the Hail Industry, PDR Training School is only available three months out of each year. Since classes and students are limited, it is best to reserve a spot quickly as possible.


Classes will cover everything in the PDR Industry. After goals have been discussed, class will revolve around goals in the PDR Industry. Each student learns at a different pace.  Each class will be at the pace of the student. This is why its best to teach a maximum of two students at a time. Students will leave AutoLogic PDR Training School with confidence and the knowledge to achieve their goal in the PDR Industry.


At AutoLogic, Inc PDR Training School we recommend students not to buy tools until they have a chance to use our tool selection and decide what they prefer. There are different tool companies to choose from and different types of steel to choose from. Also, lighting is a huge preference item! There are many different types of lights and styles to choose from. Its best if we can discuss each one's pros and cons based on each students goals.


We know each student is different and some students like the idea of a total package that includes school, transportation, lodging, and tools. Because of this, we will price a package for each student that fits their needs. Call or Email for Details and we will price a package for you.

Paintless Dent Repair

PDR Ethics and Morals


Lighting and Reflector Boards

Tool Selection

R & I

Various types of Repair

Retail and Wholesale PDR

PDR Limitations

Glue Pulling

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