Hail Damage Repair



Hail Damage Repair is our specialty. AutoLogic, Inc has a National Hail Response Team that travels across the United States to assist areas affected by Catastrophic Hail Storms. Our Team of hail coordinators and Techs are excellent with assisting individuals during the Hail Damage Repair process. Everyone should know what type of compensation they are entitled to after a Hail Storm has affected their vehicle.


If you file an Insurance claim for your Hail Damage it will most likely fall under a Comprehensive Insurance Claim. Comprehensive Claim is sometimes called a "Comp Claim". Comprehensive Insurance is separate from Collision Insurance. This type of Insurance is generally required when a vehicle is being financed. Comprehensive Insurance will cover any vehicle from an incident that could not be avoided by the Customer. Comprehensive Insurance rates CAN NOT be increased individually because of a claim. Comprehensive Insurance must be increased for everyone as a whole, not individually. It is possible to see an increase in your Comprehensive Premium, but everyone would be required to have a rate increase.


PDR or Paintless Dent Repair is generally far less expensive than traditional body shop repairs. Because the PDR process requires no body fillers, paints, or harmful chemicals, its also ECO-Friendly. Vehicles that have PDR rather than traditional body shop repair, retain their original value before the damage occurred. This is a great way to keep your vehicles resale value. PDR has many benefits over traditional body shop repairs. However, PDR does have limitations. Do not assume that your damage exceeds the limits of Paintless Dent Repair. We will gladly assess any damage and recommend the best repair for the best possible result. We will estimate anything that we are capable of repairing. If we cannot repair your vehicle, we will recommend a quality body shop that will be capable to repair the damage in your area. Hail Damage to your vehicle can be a frustrating ordeal. We will gladly answer every question that you may have about the process.


We work closely with all major insurance carriers. AutoLogic, Inc has a National Hail Response Team that assists Body Shops, Car Dealers, and Insurance Providers during the Hail repair process. People who care about their car demand quality. AutoLogic, Inc offers some of the highest quality PDR in the business. We have repaired Hail Damage that has exceeded other PDR companies limitations on many occasions. AutoLogic, Inc has been involved with storms that have produced Hail Stones greater than Softball size. We will always tell the customer upfront what can and can not be repaired using PDR methods. We will never take advantage of a customer in a bad situation. Customer satisfaction is our number ONE goal!


There are PDR Companies that will drill holes in vehicles to gain easy access for faster repairs. This is not how professional PDR Techs repair vehicles. AutoLogic, Inc will take the necessary additional steps to repairing your vehicle correctly. We value our customers and look forward to servicing them again in the future. Hail Storms can wreak havoc on small towns and even large cities. Hail Storms causing damage to hundreds and thousands of vehicles will most certainly create delays with body shops. With an overwhelming amount of Insurance Claims coming in from the Hail Storm, traditional body shop repairs could take a lot longer than normal. The Paintless Dent Repair Process helps eliminate the hassle of waiting on vehicles to be repaired. AutoLogic, Inc has a team of highly trained PDR Techs that travel Nationally to assist Body Shops, Car Dealers, and Individual Insurance Claims.


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