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Vale Certified Master Craftsman Technicians


AutoLogic, Inc PDR Tech's hold the highest PDR Certifications available. Vale Training Solutions is not a PDR Training facility. Instead, they have one of the most sophisticated visual surface observation computers available. It measures the metal and paint on a vehicle after Paintless Dent Repair has been preformed. This type of visual computer was originally developed by NASA to measure the welds on the space shuttle. PDR Tech's are given a series of repairs to be measured. These repairs range from hood to side panel. The Dents are placed in steel hoods and Aluminum hoods. Dents are created with an air cannon that creates equal dents for all PDR techs.


AutoLogic, Inc is proud to say that our employee techs are Vale Certified Master Craftsman, which is the highest available!


Many customers, body shops, and car dealers are scammed every year by individuals that claim they can perform Paintless Dent Repair. AutoLogic, Inc is happy to provide credentials and references to anyone upon request. A vehicle is most people's second highest investment next to their home. Why trust your vehicle to just anyone? We recommend that everyone look up credentials from any tech and PDR Company.


You can search any PDR Tech's credentials with Vale Institute at the link below.

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