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Window Tinting helps fight against harmful UV Rays that can harm a vehicles Interior.
Window Film has many benefits. It helps stay cool in the summer, fights UV Rays, keeps broken glass together, and is very stylish.

Window Tinting


Window Tinting has multiple benefits!


Not only is window tinting Stylish, but it can greatly reduce harmful UV rays into your vehcile. UV rays can harm your eyes, skin, and fade the interior of your vehicle. Window Tinting can help slow the depreciation process of a vehicle, by helping maintain a beautiful preserved interior. Vehicles exposed to the harmful rays will fade over time. These interior panels will gradually deteriate and crack. Once the cracking process occurs the interior panels must be repaired or replaced. Window Tinting will reduce and in some cases eliminate the fading and cracking of your interior.


Window Tinting offers protection against broken glass. During an accident broken glass can cause additional injuries. Window Film holds the broken glass together on the Film. This also becomes a deterrent for thieves. Window Tint makes it difficult to shatter glass and reach in the vehicle, due to the fact that the broken glass is held together.


AutoLogic, Inc Window Tint installers use LLumar professional window film. With LLumar window tint on your vehicle, you can feel confident that you are getting quality protection! LLumar Window Tint comes with a Lifetime Warranty.



Window Tinting has safety benefits. It can hold broken glass together and help eliminate further injury due to broken glass.
LLumar Window Film is the best Window Tint on the market!
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